How To Create More Modern Custom Flyers

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Most typical amateur custom flyers look very simple, cheap and old. They are just made from simple color flyer printing, with typically just a handful of boring text and raw single-color graphics. If you don't want your first business flyer to look like that, then you have come to the right place. it is time that you invested in some good sense with your custom flyers by reading up on how to make them truly modern looking. Below is a list of tips that should help you create truly modern custom flyers that you can be proud of.

•  Update your design software – Modern looking flyers require modern design software. So you should try to always invest in the best and new design applications that you can afford. Do not just use those simple word processing applications. Try to get those real modern design tools such as Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign. These have the different templates, features and effects that can help you make a really professional looking and modern color flyer. Keep updating your software to its most recent version to make sure that you can make the best designs every time for flyer printing.

•  Use full color high resolution images (dump the clip-arts) – Another important tip to create modern looking flyers is to always use images that are high quality. Try to dump the cheap and corny clip-art images of old, and use full color high resolution images of your own. You can either get real photographs for use in color flyers, or you can also create actual high resolution vector graphics from software like Adobe Illustrator. All these options can give you finely polished images for flyer printing, giving them that powerful, professional and modern look that most audiences expect today.

•  Use new and updated fonts – You may not believe this, but fonts play a factor in creating modern flyers. If you look at the different popular fonts for the last few decades, you will discover that they have changed slightly. While Times New Roman and Arial might be the rage last time, today, newer and modern fonts like Calibri are getting in some action. There are even thousands of new and free fonts that you can download and try out for free if you want, from many sources in the Internet. By using these new fonts, you should be able to take your color flyer designs to the more modern styles that are in use today.

•  Use additional text and image effects – Always remember to add some finishing touches to your color flyers. Most modern flyers do not just have plain old images and text. They employ other text and image effects to make these content a lot more interesting. Using gradient colors for text for example, as well as adding shadows to images can basically make the color flyer look more robust and whole than its plain and old counter parts. So make sure you add some effects to your text and images to really make them modern.

•  Update your printing options – Finally, always try to see if there are new printing options available for flyers. There might be some new special type of glossy ink, or maybe a special kind of flyer paper that can make your own designs pop out and look amazing. By using the best and newest materials, you can be sure that your flyers will look as new and as updated as it can be with its materials.

Great! Now you know how you can update your custom flyers and make them more modern. Good luck with your own batch of color flyers!

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How To Create More Modern Custom Flyers

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This article was published on 2010/10/25